Devices can help county

Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira wants the county to spend $54,450 on three new license plate readers, one each for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the Johnstown Police Department and the Gloversville Police Department.

Fulton County and Gloversville already have such devices, and Sira said the license plate readers used in the county have been “very effective” for vehicle and traffic reasons, but also useful in helping nab suspects and solving crimes such as burglaries and drug cases.

We believe the county should grant Sira’s request. The license plate readers are a good example of leveraging technology to improve public services, in this case law enforcement. These readers should enable law enforcement to be more effective in battling serious crimes such as car theft. We’d also like to see law-enforcement agencies compile reports that show precisely how many crimes are detected using the devices.

Sira made her capital project request to the Public Safety Committee last week, and we believe the full board should approve the measure. This would be a wise use of taxpayer money.