Voting will help stop anti-gun efforts

Gun owners and gun enthusiasts: Consider the calls for a new national waiting period, reauthorizing and expanding the so-called “assault weapons ban,” the state’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, mandatory “child-safety” locks – which are not mandatory yet, but most sensible gun owners already use a God-given trait, “common sense,” with locks and storage in place to help protect one of our most valuable asset from harm’s way, our children. Then there are calls for bans on inexpensive handguns, bans on big guns, bans on small guns, bans on large gun magazines and bans on gun shows.

Now, the anti-gun politicians are demanding that gun buyers pay to recover the cost of gun violence.

It’s sad to see what’s happening: clever anti-gun political shysters – whose hidden agenda is to regulate and tax firearms and ammunition out of existence.

Government gun grabbers can’t restrict gun rights without destroying freedom.

Our Founding Fathers really meant it when they said our gun rights “shall not be infringed.” That’s what the Second Amendment is all about.

This is the year to act. Utilize conferences, publications, fliers, press releases, print, Internet and broadcast advertisements as well as wall-to-wall media exposure to get the message out. Vote and show support at the polls. Get out, get it done and be heard. Otherwise, anti-gun efforts will prevail. Be at the polls and remember: every vote will help to make a difference to preserve our rights for now and for future generations.

Remember how old our Second Amendment is; hopefully, it will be around hundreds of years more for us, our children and their children.