Sheriff seeks 9 patrol vehicles

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department is looking to purchase nine full-size patrol vehicles in the next three years.

Sheriff Thomas Lorey made his departmental request for 2015-17 capital projects recently to the Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee. The request was passed on to the Capital Projects Committee and to the full board for approval Monday.

Lorey is requesting three full-size patrol vehicles equipped with appropriate police equipment packages costing a total of $104,245 for 2015. He also requested three similar vehicles costing $109,460 for 2016 and three more for $114,935 for 2017.

The sheriff’s rationale for needing at least three new patrol cars for next year was they are needed to “maintain operations.” The department has about 17 or 18 vehicles at any given time.

Lorey noted that county supervisors pulled previous requests for more sheriff’s vehicles out of the prior capital plans at budget time.

“They were restricted for a couple years,” he said. “We’re kind of falling behind now.”

In a separate personnel matter, Lorey received permission from the committee to create a permanent deputy position and fill a temporary deputy position.

He said a current investigator will retire in October and he intends to promote a current deputy into the investigator vacancy. He further requested the vacant deputy position that results be filled and eventually abolished. He will then request a new permanent deputy position, and the result will be the same number of budgeted positions.

The committee authorized an $8,107 contract with Admit Computer Services Inc. of Farmingdale, Nassau County, for 911 software maintenance.

Lorey was authorized to attend the annual New York State Sheriff’s Association summer training conference next week in Watkins Glen, Schuyler County.

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