Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To sweet publicity. Grandma Millie’s bakery at the Fulton County Airport in Johnstown made its way into the national spotlight this week when it was featured on the TLC Network’s “Buddy’s Bakery Rescue.” Chauncey McCormick and her family members were the focus of the one-hour episode, which presented the bakery’s struggles as celebrity chef Buddy Valastro gave the family’s business a makeover. The show put the area in a positive light, and hopefully, the publicity will result in more visitors to the bakery and Fulton County.

JEERS – To skyrocketing education spending. Strong funding for public education is a good investment, but in New York state, education spending is out of hand and continues to climb. According to the New York Citizens Budget Commission, new census data show New York is still the top spender per pupil. New York spent $19,552 per student, compared to the national average of $10,608. High teacher salaries and fringe benefits are the main reason for the disparity, according to the Budget Commission. New York property taxpayers should think about this before automatically accepting the next school-tax increase.

CHEERS – To the Glove Cities’ community bands. The Gloversville Civic Band and the Johnstown Citizens Band have started their summer seasons. The bands offer weekly concerts in their respective cities, and the performances are remarkably good. Many of the members are seasoned performers, and the music is pleasant. In good weather, the bands usually perform outside, where the audience can relax on lawn chairs and enjoy the show. Both bands rely on donations to keep going. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear the bands, we encourage you to check the notices in this newspaper for upcoming performances.