Fun After the 4th

FONDA – The After the 4th Family Celebration began with a parade Friday in the village.

Families dotted the route and watched as the marchers – including firefighters, musicians and people driving classic cars – made their way through the village.

Andrew J. Ault III, a member of the Mohawk Volunteer Fire Department, drove a fire truck built in 1914. The vehicle was tiny compared to the modern fire trucks following it through the village to the small parade’s end at the Recreational Park.

Ray Ault, Andrew’s cousin, said he was excited to see the event.

“It’s the first summer event for the village, and that is huge,” Ray Ault said. “This is the first time [the village] tried to pull this off.”

In June, village officials said they were setting up the new celebration as a family-friendly event that would bring people into the community.

Katie Reynolds of Johnstown came to the parade with her family. She said they frequently attend parades in the area.

Lisa and Tracy Hinkle, both of Randall, drove out from the hamlet to attend the event.

“It was something to do,” Lisa Hinkle said.

The County Line Rebels provided music as the parade moved through the village, led by volunteers with the Mohawk fire department. State Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk, riding in a 1965 Ford Mustang, and 20th Congressional District candidate Jim Fischer were both among the parade participants.

After the parade, people filed into the Recreational Park. Vendors selling trinkets, apple turnovers and drinks lined one edge of the park, as chickens on a barbecue filled the air with smoke. The band Kardia was scheduled to play Friday night, and a fireworks show was planned.

The event is scheduled to continue today from noon to 5 p.m.

Mayor Bill Peeler said he hopes the village conducts the celebration again next year.

The village is starting with a small event this year, and Peeler said he is hoping the celebration grows in the future.

“I’m just happy to see folks come out and enjoy themselves, and that is what this is about,” Peeler said.

For more information about the event, people can visit and