Demolition team works on projects

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Solid Waste Department’s Demolition Team this week was finishing the second of two major projects benefiting the county and Gloversville.

Department Director Jeff Bouchard said Wednesday the last of four buildings at the Tryon campus in the town of Perth was due to be razed by the team this week.

The demolition team has had to take down four Tryon buildings as part of the county’s initial phase of infrastructure work at the site. The county is working with the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency to turn the site into the Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center.

Bouchard said the Tryon project required a lot of “hand work” outside of equipment use.

“This project did take quite [an] amount of time,” Bouchard said.

He also said the demolition team worked on a project related to the Hill Street bridge project in Gloversville.

An old leather factory building at 7 Hill St. had to be torn down for the nearby bridge replacement project.

Gloversville Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones said the wall of the building was 4 feet from the bridge foundation, and because the building was falling apart, it needed to be condemned and demolished.

Bouchard said demolition took place June 6 through 11. He said 68 tons of debris resulted in 10 loads, and the total landfill disposal cost, plus labor, fuel and vehicle costs, was $9,300.

Stephen Miller General Contractors is doing the city’s bridge reconstruction project over the Cayadutta Creek.

In other Solid Waste Department news:

Bouchard presented $350,000 worth of proposed Department of Solid Waste capital projects for 2015. Among the projects are: $170,000 for an excavator, $50,000 for gas well work and $25,000 for a waste heat project.

A government surplus 2005 Chevy Blazer was delivered to the department in June at a cost of $6,036.

Bouchard said demolition team staff attended an annual asbestos refresher course.

The landfill’s paint exchange program opened for the season June 7 and will end at the end of August.