Children entered closed school: cops

GLOVERSVILLE – Eight youths were referred to probation after entering Boulevard Elementary School after hours without permission July 1.

All of their names were intentionally withheld because they are younger than age 16, city police said.

Police said officers were dispatched to the scene after reports of youths being in the school after it was closed and secured.

According to police, patrols apprehended four youths and interviewed them. Police said during interviews, officers learned several other youths were also involved in entering the school without permission.

The parents of the children were contacted and responded to the station to pick up their kids, police said. Accompanied by their parents, police said, the children were further questioned.

The city Police Department Detective Division assisted in the investigation and located the other youths involved. The children were then interviewed with their parents present, police said.

During these interviews, police learned some of the children entered through an open window on the second floor of the school and then opened the door to let the remaining youths inside the building.