Give SMART ideas a chance

As Fulton County tries to improve water services, our local governments should take the ideas seriously and review the proposals closely.

While we expect our municipalities – such as the Glove Cities – to strike a fair deal and look out for their residents, they must not dismiss an idea that may boost development in another location. The entire area – including Fulton, Montgomery and southern Hamilton counties – would benefit from growth.

The ability to strike fair deals will be key to keeping everyone happy.

Fulton County officials are looking at several ways to improve water services.

Those ways include drawing water from the Great Sacandaga Lake, extending water and sewer services from Amsterdam to Fulton County, and constructing a water line from Gloversville to the city of Johnstown.

The ideas are all related to the county’s SMART Waters initiative. The county’s hope with SMART Waters is to implement a regional water and wastewater system using existing excess water and sewer capacity. The goal is to expand water and sewer services outside the Glove Cities.

We’ve supported the county’s efforts to review possible water initiatives, and we will be interested to see what kind of deals the county proposes to other municipalities.

However, all of the parties involved must be willing to compromise.

In national politics, compromise has become something of a dirty word. Typically, both sides refuse to budge from their position, and doom negotiations from the start.

That cannot happen here. The residents in our area have no interest in seeing a long standoff over how much is too much for water. All parties involved must come to the table with realistic expectations.