Holy Spirit leads to true character change

The world believes conduct determines character. For example, the world believes if you act good and perform good deeds, it is a reflection of your character. In one of William Barclay’s Bible commentaries, he writes that a man who seems to be good may actually be a bad man and a man who seems to be bad may actually be a good man. This is so true. Our character determines our conduct, according to what I learned in Dr. Warren Wiersbe’s Bible commentaries. Our characters are a reflection of our true natures. Nothing but the Holy Spirit can transform our characters; not counselling, not higher education – nothing but the spirit of God who indwells us only when we receive Christ Jesus as our personal Lord and savior. When men place their trust in Christ’s completed work at the cross, character changes occur. If not, men are dead in their sins, hopelessly lost, facing a Christless eternity in hell which is separation from Christ Jesus forever.

When our characters are sullied by the world system, we will pierce Christ, as Revelation 1:7 states. But even believers can pierce Christ not losing their salvation, for a saved man can never lose his salvation, but he grieves the Holy Spirit indwelling him or hurting the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a person with feelings. So consider:

1.) Every time we display hatred toward men, we pierce Christ.

2.) Every time we demand revenge against those who hurt us, we pierce Christ.

3.) Every time we destroy people with hurtful words that cause them to lose self-esteem, we pierce Christ.

4.) Every time we decimate someone’s personal property, we pierce Christ.

5.) Every time we dedicate our lives to an idol, we piece Christ.

6.) Every time we detract from loving God with our whole heart, we pierce Christ.

7.) Every time we diminish our sensitivity to others, we pierce Christ.

8.) Every time we delight in someone’s misfortune, we pierce Christ.

9.) Every time we deceive someone with lies, we pierce Christ.

In summation, our character reveals the real you, so if these nine characteristics of carnality summarize your life, you need a character transformation.