County to submit airport plan

JOHNSTOWN – Officials will submit an updated security plan required with renewal of the Fulton County Airport’s registration with the state Department of Transportation.

A resolution to submit the updated plan was approved last week by the Board of Supervisors’ Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee, with final board approval slated for Monday. It was previously updated in 2008 and 2011.

“It’s mostly a procedural thing,” county Planning Director James Mraz said July 2.

Mraz said the plan will, in essence, be the same plan submitted in previous years.

He said the state Department of Transportation’s Aviation Bureau on June 5 advised Fulton County its airport registration and security plans needed to be renewed. The county must pay a $50 registration fee to DOT.

Former Gov. George E. Pataki in July 2004 signed the Anti-Terrorism Preparedness Act, which included the following provisions: All general aviation airports, such as the Fulton County Airport, have to register with DOT; security plans have to be submitted with registration applications; the plan has to meet Transportation Security Administration guidelines; and airport registrations must be renewed every three years.

In other action last week before the committee, Mraz received proposed authorization to submit a letter to DOT “de-obligating” 2011-12 federal Capital Assistance Grant funds. He told supervisors the county was awarded in 2012 the $2,250 grant, and a $250 local match was required and was to be paid by I. Persch Transit Inc. The grant was to be used by the firm, which is the county’s third-party contractor, to purchase radio and communications equipment for the bus it uses to operate the county’s commuter program.

But Mraz said I. Persch Transit Inc. never purchased the equipment per the state’s procurement checklist and never sought reimbursement. He said the county inquired in May, but the firm didn’t respond.

Mraz said DOT advised the county it must submit a letter to the state requesting grant funds be de-obligated.

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