No action on new fire chief set: mayor

GLOVERSVILLE – Mayor Dayton King has no plans to appoint a new fire chief Tuesday at the Common Council meeting.

Previously, King announced he nominated one of the city’s battalion chiefs to be the next fire chief.

King said he was considering battalion chiefs Tom Groff and David Rackmyre for the position, but he would not say which person he nominated.

However, 2nd Ward Councilman Art Simonds said the mayor is nominating Groff. Simonds said he agrees with the choice.

The city council will review the mayor’s choice and decide whether to give approval. King said he sent an email to the city council members indicating his choice.

This morning, King said he does not expect the issue to be discussed by the council at the meeting.

In business on agenda:

A resolution to appoint an equitable business officer for the Hill Street Bridge construction project is scheduled.

An EBO makes sure the contract manager is meeting goals and handles paperwork for the project, said Kevin Jones, director of the Department of Public Works.

The resolution will appoint him as the EBO and will be an additional duty, he said.

According to the agenda, a resolution to award the 2014 lawn maintenance contract and to authorize the commissioner of finance to make budget modifications for its purchase will be discussed.

All bids had to be received by July 2. The independent contractor will perform property maintenance on county-owned properties and abatements on properties cited for violations.

Resolutions to solicit sealed bids for the purchase of a new four-wheel-drive plow truck and of a new 10-wheel refuse packer truck will also be discussed, according to the agenda.

Jones said he expects the plow truck to cost about $120,000 and the refuse packer truck to cost about $160,000, but will not know until the bids are in.

Dates for the bids will be discussed Tuesday.