More work considered for Tryon project

JOHNSTOWN – Additional work totaling more than $420,000 is planned for the first phase of the Tryon redevelopment project, which one official said is progressing.

“It’s going very good,” county Planning Director James Mraz said Friday.

The former Tryon Youth Detention Facility campus, closed a few years ago, is being turned into the proposed Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center.

For the first phase of the project, the county was previously awarded $2 million from a Empire State Development Corp. grant for initial infrastructure work. Jablonski Excavating of St. Johnsville is being paid about $1.12 million for first-phase work that began June 22. The company is now being asked to do additional work given that grant funds remain available. No funding will come from the county.

The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency, which secured title to the Tryon property from the state, is working with Fulton County government to convert it into the technology park.

Mraz, who is also the IDA’s executive director, recently asked and received authorization from the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development and Environment Committee on three Tryon-related resolutions. Final approval could come from the full board July 14.

Currently, Mraz said supervisors have authorized expenditure of $1.34 million of the $2 million grant for phase one. He said that leaves $663,092 available. During the design phase, work items were removed from the project’s scope that was put out to bid due to concerns about coming in over budget. Mraz said the county can now do some of that work.

“The committee was fully aware of this in April,” Mraz said.

One of the proposed resolutions approved last week by the committee authorizes Jablonski Excavating to perform additional work. That work would consist of: sanitary sewer extensions to lots along the new Loop Road – $68,760; water main extension along Loop Road – $196,732; sanitary sewer extension to serve two lots – $100,045; and additional fence removal – $1,236.

Mraz said the total cost of additional work by Jablonski is $366,773, but additional design work and the estimated construction phase pushes the cost to $420,773. With this additional work, there will be an estimated $242,319 in Empire State Development grant funds remaining.

The second proposed resolution approved by the Economic Development and Environment Committee authorized board Chairman Rick Argotsinger to execute a “time extension change order” to Jablonski’s contract. The company’s Tryon work was initially contractually supposed to be complete by Sept. 15, but now can be completed by Oct. 13.

The third proposed resolution authorizes an amendment to a design services agreement for the Tryon project the county has with C.T. Male Associates of Latham. Because the county is requiring additional work, the county’s design agreement with C.T. Male will pay the company an additional $28,000, pushing its fee up to $170,858.