Obama acts on his own

Congress would not go along with President Barack Obama’s plan to drive electricity prices up. So Obama is acting on his own to do so.

U.S. senators would not confirm the three people Obama wanted on the National Labor Relations Board. So Obama, in a move the Supreme Court just ruled illegal, did so on his own through “recess appointments.”

Congress could not have acted quickly enough, Obama claims, on freeing five top terrorist leaders in exchange for a U.S. serviceman in Afghanistan. So Obama went ahead and freed them on his own.

Though it was operating on his blueprint, Congress passed a national health care containing some politically inconvenient rules. So Obama changed them, though they are the law of the land.

Now Obama says that because Congress has not acted on immigration reform, he will do so – on his own.

Plainly, Obama has no regard for separation of powers, which is at the heart of our system of government – or for the Constitution. Evidently, many members of Congress have no problem with that.