Students earn rank promotions

JOHNSTOWN – Rank testing recently took place at Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate and 17 students were promoted to new ranks.

Among those promoted were Noah Hall, Lilly Rousseu and Colemar Henderson, who earned their junior yellow belts.

Christina Avery, McKenzie Siler, Devon Johnson and Austin DeMattia earned their junior purple belts, while Heidi Hunt, Jack Hunt and Mike Delucia each earned their blue belts.

Frank Dimattia and Matt Van Nostrand earned their green belts, Bobby Morse and Danny Hunt earned their junior green belts, and Gary Valk earned his eighth kyu white belt.

Jasmine Rousseu (junior blue), Joe Prew (junior orange) and Richard Prew (orange) also earned rank promotions.

“Months of preparation went in to getting ready for these tests and their hard work and dedication paid off. It was a very inspirational test for the parents and fellow students,” chief instructor Joe Pazzaglia said in a news release. “The test provided the students with an opportunity to demonstrate their techniques at a very high level, but more importantly are designed to prepare them for life outside the dojo as well, They are not to be taken lightly. I am very pleased with everyone. We have many Juniors and adults who are now approaching a more intermediate and advanced level of training, and we are all very excited about that.”

Pazzaglia has more 30 years of experience and travels often to provide seminars throughout the East Coast and Canada, and has recently been invited to teach in Great Britain, Chile, and Barbados.

Pazzaglia has earned a reputation in the Martial Arts community for his reality based confrontational drills and close quarters gun disarm and combatives, the release said.

This year Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate will host the 2014 International Martial Arts Expo at the Johnstown YMCA featuring the legendary Benny Urguidez and eight other presenters from Japan, Europe, Canada, and Chile on Aug. 22 to 24. The expo will be open to the public.

Urguidez is most recognized for his undefeated full contact fighting career, winning more than 200 professional fights internationally, according to the release.

Urguidez also has worked in Hollywood with celebrities.

Urguidez has played the Goblin in Spiderman, and continues to train celebrity types such as Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Tom Cruise and more, the release said.

Urguidez will host a book signing Aug. 23 and promoting the release of his new book.

For more information on Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate and its upcoming events, seminars or classes, visit or call 762-1533. Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate is located at 40 W. Main St.