Changes would make graduation better

The recent Johnstown High School graduation ceremony was a miserable experience for me, my family, and clearly for many others in attendance as well: inaudible sound, poor acoustics and way too long enduring a hot, blazing sun.

Respectfully, several suggestions are offered as a way to improve the experience:

1.) JHS should invest in a better sound system. What is the point of having the occasion if a large number of attendees can’t understand what is being said, or hear the music performed by the band? Surely, an upgraded system could also be used for other occasions, making it a sound investment.

2.) Center the microphone and spread out the speakers in front of the bleachers so the audience does not have to strain to see or hear the speakers.

3.) Inform the speakers to limit their speech to 10 minutes or less.

4.) The department medallion awards could be presented in a school assembly instead of at graduation.

5.) Schedule graduation during the cooler evening hours (i.e. 7 p.m.) when the sun is setting lower and behind the audience. At the event, medics were called because a young girl fainted. In addition, I saw a few elderly people leave because of the heat. I wouldn’t be surprised if others were close to heat exhaustion or even stroke.

Many attendees have looked forward to this event for years only to suffer through it. JHS, you can do better.