City officials should appreciate league

My brother, Harley Fuller, has made a constant effort to get the Gloversville Common Council on his side regarding the use of the Darling Field basketball courts for his annual summer league.

While it was allowed last year, and will be allowed this year, it seems comical to me the council has decided to try to keep upping the ante as to what Harley will have to provide it in order to keep using the court for this purpose. Were blacktopping and new rims from his budget not enough? Would the city rather this court have been left as the barren, broken-down wasteland it was before? It boggles my mind that there is such resistance and greediness getting in the way here.

I have little doubt that Harley would continue to grow this league, and most likely convert all four courts to the level of the first one if he were given the chance.

However, it is my feeling that if the council keeps up its ways, he will be forced to relocate his league and effort to another town that will have the common sense to let people improve their city parks at no cost to them.