Brewery proposal on tap in town

JOHNSTOWN – The town Planning Board is reviewing plans for a proposed brewery, according to town Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Fagan.

The brewery, Stump City, would be located on West Fulton Street in the town.

Fagan said Matthew Sherman has come to the Planning Board with a sketch plan. His goal, Fagan said, is to use local farms and their crops in the brewing of beer.

Fagan said Sherman also would receive help with starting the small brewery from a local farm credit initiative.

Currently, Fagan said Sherman is seeking a subdivision for the West Fulton Street parcel, and included a site plan for the building, signage and other needs.

“The Planning Board is going to do a full review on [the plan], along with some Department of Health and other reviews from other agencies,” Fagan said.

Fagan expects to see Sherman at the next Planning Board meeting Tuesday or in August.

A public hearing has not been set yet, Fagan said, and did not know if there would be any issues regarding the development.

“You never know until you get to the public hearing stage,” Fagan said.

Sherman could not be reached for comment.