‘Unfortunate incident’ act of terrorism

On June 21, The Leader-Herald published a letter to the editor penned by John Bender, titled “What about other attacks?”

A few things in his piece demand a response, in my opinion.

First, his sourcing: Blue Street Journal. Per their Facebook and Home site, the description on both is “Cognitive Nourishment for Progressive Thinkers”.

OK. I assume there is absolutely zero bias there – said with tongue firmly in cheek.

Second, Mr. Bender declares the “attack on our embassy in Benghazi” an “unfortunate incident.”

Benghazi was an annex. The embassy is in Tripoli.

Under what definition can anyone declare the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, by organized terrorists, an “unfortunate incident”?

Third, Mr. Bender goes on to list from a “meme card” he saw on Blue Street Journal, 10 attacks during the Bush administration, from 2002 to 2008.

The distinction and major difference is a U.S ambassador was murdered in Benghazi.

In none of the attacks in his declared “unfortunate” incidents during the Bush years was there an Ambassador killed, per his source or any other.

Shouldn’t his standard of “unfortunate incident” also be applied to the attacks during the George W. Bush years that he’s so quick to reference?

I call them all acts of terrorism. I don’t think Mr. Bender gives weight to the definition of terrorism.

The last time an Ambassador (Adolph Dubs) was killed prior to Ambassador Stevens, was in 1979 – a Carter year.

I see a pattern: Two “unfortunate incidents” that resulted in U.S. senior diplomats being killed during the terms of administrations Mr. Bender and Blue Street Journal would defend regardless of failures to protect those diplomats.