Schwabrow sentence light

Normally I would not get involved in other people’s problems. I believe in minding my own business and cleaning my own door step first, and I’ll have my hands full.

Regarding Mr. Schwabrow, I think the acting Fulton County Court Judge Peter Feldstein kind of whitewashed the former city police officer. I do not have to go into detail; you all read the article in The Leader-Herald on May 14, same as I did. I do not know the law, only what I read in the paper. But I think a sentence for a police officer, who is a husband and a church-going man, who had sex several times with a minor should be more than one year.

Mr. Schwabrow says he is disgusted with himself. If he remembers his marriage vows that he took in church and what he said to his new wife, he had no business getting in bed with another female.

The reason I’m a little upset: I am a parent of six children, two sons and four daughters. They are all grown up and have families of their own.

My point: If you cannot trust a police officer in your own community, who can you trust?