Several area athletes named Foothills all-stars

Several area athletes were among those selected for the recently announced Foothills Council team and field all-star team.

Johnstown’s Devlin Bahruth and Broadalbin-Perth’s Jake Coveney were named first-team boys all-stars in three separate events.

Bahruth was named a first-team all-star in the 100, 200 and 400 meters, while Coveney earned first-team honors in the 110 hurdles, 400 hurdles and triple jump. Coveney also was named a second-team all-star in the long jump.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Greg Bogdan was named to the first team in the 3,200 and 3,000 steeplechase, while Broadalbin-Perth’s Mike Visco was named a first-team all-star in the long jump and a second-team all-star in the triple jump. Bogdan also earned second-team honors in the 1,600.

Gloversville had Keyshawn Arnold (high jump), Michael Budka (pole vault) and David VanDenabeele (pentathlon) named first-team all-stars.

Gloversville’s Chanel Thomas was named a first-team girls all-star in the long jump and triple jump, while Broadalbin-Perth’s Chelsea LeBlanc was named to the first team in the high jump.

Thomas also was named a second-team all-star in the 100 hurdles and high jump.

In addition to the first-team all-stars, several other area boys and girls were named second-team all-stars.

Johnstown’s Alec Hornidge was named to the boys second team in the 110 hurdles and 400 hurdles, while Gloversville’s Quantel McGee was named to the second team in the high jump. Johnstown’s Daeshan Buseck was named a second-team all-star in the 400 hurdles.

Broadalbin-Perth’s Pierre LaPort (shot put), Gloversville’s Phil Meher (pentathlon) and Johnstown’s Jonathan Bearden (400 hurdles) all earned honorable-mention status in their respective events.

The Broadalbin-Perth girls had Celina Onzo (400), Coreena Monroe (400 hurdles), Joanna Taylor (pole vault) and Anna Smith (shot put, discus) named second-team all-stars. The B-P 3,200 relay team also was named to the second team.

The Lady Patriots also had Christa Decker (100), Jordyn DeNeuville (3,000), Madison McFarland (high jump) and Kylie Gifford (pentathlon) earn honorable-mention status.

Also named honorable mention were Gloversville’s Carolyn Peck (400), Johnstown’s Reily Kotwasinski (800) and Gloversville’s Sierra Fancher (triple jump).


Also named first-team all-stars were Glens Falls’ Jared McIntosh (800), Queensbury’s Zane Belden (1,600), South Glens Falls’ Zach Morris (pole vault), Queensbury’s David Slattery (discus) and South Glens Falls’ Anthony Santoro (shot put). Santoro (discus) and Slattery (shot put) also earned second-team honors.

Scotia-Glenville had its 1,600 and 3,200 relay teams named to the first-team, while Queensbury’s 400 relay team also earned first-team honors.

Scotia-Glenville’s Kevin Bekkering (100), Grant Norton (800) and Daken Broadhead (3,200) were named second-team all-stars. Bekkering also was named honorable mention in the 200 meters, while Norton was named honorable mention in the 3,200. Broadhead earned honorable-mention status in the 3,000 steeplechase.

Also named to the second team were South Glens Falls’ Nate Salazar (200), Queensbury’s James Doty (400) Hudson Falls’ Jason Linendoll (3,000 steeplechase) and Queensbury’s Logan Graham (pentathlon).

Also earning second-team honors were Scotia-Glenville’s 400 relay team, Queensbury’s 1,600 relay team and South Glens Falls’ 3,200 relay team.

Scotia-Glenville had Alec Swider (long jump, 100), Matt Manda (400) and Dan Omicinski (triple jump) earn honorable-mention status.

Also named honorable mention were Queensbury’s Christian Vaillancourt (800), Glens Falls’ Noah Duell (1,600), Queensbury’s Christopher Johnson (110 hurdles), South Glens Falls’ Devon Sweenor (high jump), Queensbury’s Aaron Stone (pole vault) and Hudson Falls’ Dillon Stevens (discus).


Queensbury’s Nikari Carota, Glens Falls’ Zoe Doolittle and Queensbury’s Megan Kellogg were named to the first-team in multiple events.

Carota was a first-team all-star in the 100 hurdles and 400 hurdles, Doolittle was named to the first team in the shot put and discus, and Kellogg was named first team in the 800 and 1,500 meters. Carota also was named a second-team all-star in the long jump and triple jump.

South Glens Falls had Ashley Anderson (200), Sara Billings (2,000 steeplechase), Courtney Sweet (400), Mackenzie Myott (pole vault) and Sabrena Quintois (pentathlon) named to the first team. The South Glens Falls 400 and 1,600 relays also earned first-team honors.

Also named to the first-team were Queensbury’s Emma Hayes (100) and Hudson Falls’ Hailey Mooney. Queensbury’s 3,200 relay team also earned first-team honors.

Queensbury’s Sheri Metcalfe was named a second-team all-star in the 800 and 1,500 meters, while Queensbury’s Emma Hayes (200), Danielle Soprano (3,000), Katie Ackner (2,000 steeplechase) and Stephanie Gengel (pentathlon) also were named to the second team.

South Glens Falls’ Courtney Sweet (100) also earned second-team honors, along with the Scotia-Glenville 400 relay team and the Queensbury 1,600 relay team.

Queensbury had Rachel Holser (100 hurdles, 400 hurdles), Grace Murphy (pole vault), Jen Stimpson (shot put) and Jennifer Cassidy (discus) named honorable mention.

Also earning honorable-mention status were Scotia-Glenville’s Sydnee Smith (200), South Glens Falls’ Sara Billings (1,500), Hudson Falls’ Hailey Mooney (2,000 steeplechase) and South Glens Falls’ Serena Braga (long jump).

2014 Foothills Council Track & Field All-Stars


First Team

100: Devlin Bahruth (Johnstown)

200: Devlin Bahruth (Johnstown)

400: Devlin Bahruth (Johnstown)

800: Jared McIntosh (Glens Falls)

1,600: Zane Belden (Queensbury)

3,200: Greg Bogdan (Broadalbin-Perth)

3,000 steeplechase: Greg Bogdan (Broadalbin-Perth)

110 hurdles: Jake Coveney (Broadalbin-Perth)

400 hurdles: Jake Coveney (Broadalbin-Perth)

400 relay: Queensbury (Adams, Paige, Goudy, Slattery)

1,600 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Dearaway, Norton, Manda, Rooney)

3,200 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Dearaway, Pollicino, Manda, Rooney)

Long jump: Mike Visco (Broadalbin-Perth)

Triple jump: Jake Coveney (Broadalbin-Perth)

High jump: Keyshawn Arnold (Gloversville)

Pole vault: Zach Morris (South Glens Falls), Michael Budka (Gloversville)

Shot put: Anthony Santoro (South Glens Falls)

Discus: David Slattery (Queensbury)

Pentathlon: David VanDenabeele (Gloversville)

Second Team

100: Kevin Bekkering (Scotia-Glenville)

200: Nate Salazar (South Glens Falls)

400: James Doty (Queensbury)

800: Grant Norton (Scotia-Glenville)

1,600: Greg Bogdan (Broadalbin-Perth)

3,200: Daken Broadhead (Scotia-Glenville)

3,000 steeplechase: Jason Linendoll (Hudson Falls)

110 hurdles: Alec Hornidge (Johnstown)

400 hurdles: Alec Hornidge (Johnstown), Daeshan Buseck (Johnstown)

400 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Bekkering, Ryan, Bulford, Swider)

1,600 relay: Queensbury (Doty, O’Leary, Fitzgerald, Paige)

3,200 relay: South Glens Falls (Jenkins, Davies, Davies, Salazar)

Long jump: Jake Coveney (Broadalbin-Perth)

Triple jump: Mike Visco (Broadalbin-Perth)

High jump: Quantel McGee (Gloversville)

Shot put: David Slattery (Queensbury)

Discus: Anthony Santoro (South Glens Falls)

Pentathlon: Logan Graham (Queensbury)

Honorable Mention

100: Alec Swider (Scotia-Glenville)

200: Kevin Bekkering (Scotia-Glenville)

400: Matt Manda (Scotia-Glenville)

800: Christian Vaillancourt (Queensbury)

1,600: Noah Duell (Glens Falls)

3,200: Grant Norton (Scotia-Glenville)

3,000 steeplechase: Daken Broadhead (Scotia-Glenville)

110 hurdles: Christopher Johnson (Queensbury)

400 hurdles: Jonathan Bearden (Johnstown)

Long jump: Alec Swider (Scotia-Glenville)

Triple jump: Dan Omicinski (Scotia-Glenville)

High jump: Devon Sweenor (South Glens Falls)

Pole vault: Aaron Stone (Queensbury)

Shot put: Pierre LaPort (Broadalbin-Perth)

Discus: Dillon Stevens (Hudson Falls)

Pentathlon: Phil Meher (Gloversville)


First Team

100: Emma Hayes (Queensbury)

200: Ashley Anderson (South Glens Falls)

400: Courtney Sweet (South Glens Falls)

800: Megan Kellogg (Queensbury)

1,500: Megan Kellogg (Queensbury)

3,000: Hailey Mooney (Hudson Falls)

2,000 steeplechase: Sara Billings (South Glens Falls)

100 hurdles: Nikari Carota (Queensbury)

400 hurdles: Nikari Carota (Queensbury)

400 relay: South Glens Falls (Sweet, Braga, Anderson, Erickson)

1,600 relay: South Glens Falls (Sweet, Higgins, Anderson, Hayes)

3,200 relay: Queensbury (Bartlett, Blood, Guinther, Hanchett)

Long jump: Chanel Thomas (Gloversville)

Triple jump: Chanel Thomas (Gloversville)

High jump: Chelsea LeBlanc (Broadalbin-Perth)

Pole vault: Mackenzie Myott (South Glens Falls)

Shot put: Zoe Doolittle (Glens Falls)

Discus: Zoe Doolittle (Glens Falls)

Pentathlon: Sabrena Quintois (South Glens Falls)

Second Team

100: Courtney Sweet (South Glens Falls)

200: Emma Hayes (Queensbury)

400: Celina Onzo (Broadalbin-Perth)

800: Sheri Metcalfe (Queensbury)

1,500: Sheri Metcalfe (Queensbury)

3,000: Danielle Soprano (Queensbury)

2,000 steeplechase: Katie Ackner (Queensbury)

400 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Burns, Smith, Smith, Esker)

1,600 relay: Queensbury

3,200 relay: Broadalbin-Perth

100 hurdles: Chanel Thomas (Gloversville)

400 hurdles: Coreena Monroe (Broadalbin-Perth)

Long jump: Nikari Carota (Queensbury)

Triple jump: Nikari Carota (Queensbury)

High jump: Chanel Thomas (Gloversville)

Pole vault: Joanna Taylor (Broadalbin-Perth)

Shot put: Anna Smith (Broadalbin-Perth)

Discus: Anna Smith (Broadalbin-Perth)

Pentathlon: Stephanie Gengel (Queensbury)

Honorable Mention

100: Christa Decker (Broadalbin-Perth)

200: Sydnee Smith (Scotia-Glenville)

400: Carolyn Peck (Gloversville)

800: Reily Kotwasinski (Johnstown)

1,500: Sara Billings (South Glens Falls)

3,000: Jordyn DeNeuville (Broadalbin-Perth)

2,000 steeplechase: Hailey Mooney (Hudson Falls)

100 hurdles: Rachel Holser (Queensbury)

400 hurdles: Rachel Holser (Queensbury)

Long jump: Serena Braga (South Glens Falls)

Triple jump: Sierra Fancher (Gloversville)

High jump: Madison McFarland (Broadalbin-Perth)

Pole vault: Grace Murphy (Queensbury)

Shot put: Jen Stimpson (Queensbury)

Discus: Jennifer Cassidy (Queensbury)

Pentathlon: Kylie Gifford (Broadalbin-Perth)