Wondering about things

Why is it when I try to keep that safety space between me and the car ahead of me, someone always seems compelled to pass and fill in the gap?

Why do TV weather people read most or all of the temperatures when we can see those large numbers on the screen? And who cares how cold it was in Saskatchewan 24 hours ago?

If lower taxes on millionaires and billionaires is the way to create jobs, why do we sill have unemployment when the wealthy pay the lowest taxes now? If they pay at all.

Every holiday, the AAA tells us how many people will travel, how far, and by what mode, i.e. about 47.8 million people will drive 193 miles to Grandma’s house. Question: Does anyone check AAA numbers for accuracy after the fact? And how could that be done?

Why in the world is gas priced at nine-tenths of a penny? Is anything else?

With all the congressional hearings and investigations – Benghazi, VA care of veterans, the swap of prisoners for an American – I have to wonder when Congress will get around to investigating the attack on the American ship U.S.S. Liberty AGTR3 on June 8, 1967. Even though 34 American sailors were killed and more than 171 wounded, no congressional investigation was held and never will be held. How sad for our country.

I wonder who will be the first to apologize to former Gloversville Mayor Tim Hughes and Red Carpet Homes owner Ted Leto for calling them crooks and worse. The Affordable Housing Corp. found that no one did anything wrong, but the many finger pointers didn’t step up to say sorry. Tim and Ted, don’t hold your breath. The cowards know who they are.

Is it just me or did ventriloquist Jeff Dunham use Vice President Joe Biden as a model for “Walter?”

Want to speed up baseball games? Get rid of the Velcro straps on batting gloves.

I don’t think Edward Snowden is any kind of hero or patriot for what he did. If he had been involved in the planning for the “D-Day” invasion, what language would we all be speaking?

I think journalists use the term “hero” far too often.