McDarby places second at nationals

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Michael McDarby, coach of the Swords and Strategy Fencing Club in Amsterdam, finished second at the U.S. Fencing Association Nationals this week in Columbus, Ohio.

His finish was in the Veterans’ 60 category.

To make the finals, McDarby had to come from behind in each of his previous three bouts. McDarby has fenced since 1977 and coached since setting up a club at graduate school in Memphis in 1982.

He is a resident of Fort Johnson and a biology professor at Fulton-Montgomery Community College, where he has also coached fencing since 1991.

USFA Veterans are split into decades groups: 40s, 50s, 60s, 70 and older.

McDarby is currently ranked ninth in the country in that group, one spot out of the world team. Last year, he finished fifth in the event.