‘Beauty and Beast’ an inviting production

JOHNSTOWN – Be our guest. The Academy Award-winning animated film “Beauty and the Beast” comes to life on the Fulton-Montgomery Community College stage Sunday through Thursday.

Foothills Family Productions proudly presents Disney’s junior version of the romantic and beloved musical. Featuring a cast of more than 100 energetic young actors, this production is sure to charm both adults and children of all ages.

Heading the cast as Belle is Rachel Rochet, Greg Mytelka as the Beast, Florabunda/Narrator 3: Kat Cummings, Narrator 1: Maria Danise, Narrator 2: Riley King, Narrator 4: Emily Miles, Young Prince Adam/Statue: Anthony Coffin, Enchantress/Dancing Belle: Salem Keeling, Bookseller/Tom: Sebastian Mills, Gaston: Ben Smouse, LeFou: Cameron Polidore, Silly Girl 1: Nia Person, Silly Girl 2: Kate Szumowski, Silly Girl 3: Nadia Payan, Silly Girl 4: Abigail Douglas, Maurice: Ryan Nicolella, Jonquil: Dani Seabolt, Iris: Zariah Hentnik, Cogsworth: Rebecca McCall, Lumiere: Andre Storto, Babette: Rachel Lee, Mrs. Potts: Lacey Farina, Chip: Declan Payan, Madame de la Grande Bouche: Teresa Spucches, Madame D’Arque: Andrea Balogh and Prince Adam: Anthony Balogh. The principal mentors are Greg Mytelka, Priscilla Smouse and Ian Warner.

Enchanted Roses: (Mentors: Alyssa Rocas and Angela Veeder) Ava Barker, Irissa Billa, Isabella Colon, Genevieve Geisler, Emmy Hunt, Lucy LoDestro, Hannah Nolett, Adrianna Scott and Ahmya Tompkins.

Enchanted Character Ensemble:?(Mentors: Emily Denmark and David Ormiston) Jocelyn Bush, Sarah Dworman, Cameron Eichinger, Fianna Halloran, Parker Klingbeil, Mia Martin, Genevieve Mortzheim, Willow Sanges, Rebecca Towne, Anne Van Allen, Elyssa VanEvery and Brooke Weaver.

Wolves: (Mentor: Brittany Davis) Amelia Baldwin (Lone Wolf), Natalie Baxter, Caris Carbone, Kalena Eaton, Abigail Leonard, Anastasija Morse, Katelyn Nash and Sarah Paul.

Villagers:?(Mentors: Chynna Bleyl and Alex Kovarovic) Sierra Brower (Aristocratic Lady), Cece Radalin (Lady with the Cane), Anna Lee (Sausage Curl Girl), Celia Meher (Hat Seller) and Madison Smeallie (Baker), Elizabeth Banewicz, Olivia Blanchard, Madelyn Carson, Lauren Christiano, Devin Eichinger, Bailey Field, Kimberly Hastings, Julia Norris, Emerald VanAvery, Jenna Weaver and Gabriella Zarelli.

Magic Cutlery: (Mentors: Jamie Calderwood and Cheyenne Nealon) Novalana Billa, Amy Cimmino, Jennifer Cronin, Mackinley DiScioscia, Samantha Field, Brianna Francisco, Lauren Maples, Madison Mattice, Alexandria Petrelia, Carina Sinicropi, Brianna Sowle, Jaden Wilson and Zowie Zabielski.

Gaston’s Bros: (Mentors: Jon Mills and Tyler Newkirk) Gavin Clute (Dick), Aaron Madej, Connor Nicolella, Michael Parry, Luke Pavlus (Stanley) and Elijah Petrelia.

Specialty Dancers: (Mentor: Anthony Balogh) Roslyn Chapin, Lisa Cimmino, Sarah Connaway, Natalie Demitraszek, Caitlyn Fonda, Kayla Frederick, Katie Hastings, Molly Hotaling, Morgan Hotaling, Samantha Iannoti, ShayLynn Springstead and Mariah VanAvery.

Tea Cups: (Mentors: Kayla DeLorenzo and Tyler Newkirk) Christopher Cimmino, Elijah Claus, Alexander Mattice, Connor Sweeney & Marcus Wilson.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” is directed and staged by Roberta Esposito. The musical director/conductor is Patricia Zullo and the assistant musical director/pianist is Nancy VanDenburgh.

Choreographers: Anthony Balogh, Chynna Bleyl, Kayla DeLorenzo, Olivia Esposito, Ashley Polidore and Ian Warner; producer: Kathy VanAlstine; production manager: Nancy Calderwood; production stage manager: Stephanie DeLorenzo; rehearsal stage manager: Becky Polidore; costume design: Lisa Stegeland, Dawn Smouse and Sandra Cimmino; head of sets and props: Ritch Calderwood and Nicole DeLorenzo; lighting and sound design: Jason Radalin; scenic design and artists: Ginnie Edwards and Nicole DeLorenzo; ticket and flier design: Megan Torniainen; make-up design: Marie Newkirk; hair design and assistant make-up: Tisha Coffin; mentors: Anthony Balogh, Chynna Bleyl, Alison Busch, Jamie Calderwood, Arianna Coffin, Brittany Davis, Kayla DeLorenzo, EmilyDenmark, Alex Kovarovic, Jon Mills, Greg Mytelka, Cheyenne Nealon, Tyler Newkirk, David Orminston, Alyssa Rocas, Priscilla Smouse, Angela Veeder and Ian Warner; head of concessions: Charlene Busch and Tammy Mytelka; box office: Louise Moses; photography: Sara Baldwin; security: Lisa and Perry Cimo; cast party: Jane Brower; set and prop construction/crew: Bob Baldwin, Alex Balogh, Alex Bielli, Cheryl Bielli, Sandie Boggie, Alison Busch, Ritch Calderwood, Perry Cimo, Arianna Coffin, Tisha Coffin, Kayla DeLorenzo, Nicole DeLorenzo, JoLynn Douglas, Ginny Edwards, Rinaldo Esposito, Carson Keeling, Stacey Lee, Jennie Meher, Melissa Miles, Brett Pavlus, Katrin Petrelia, Nick Petrelia, Becky Polidore, Jeff Rocas, Stacey Rocas, Laura Smeallie, Ralph Smeallie, Chris Smouse, Mike Smouse and Lisa Szumowski; costume construction and seamstresses: Sandra Cimmino, Katrin Petrelia, Chris Smouse, Dawn Smouse, Lauren Smouse, Mike Smouse, Priscilla Smouse and Lisa Stegeland.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast Jr.” is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International. The production is made possible in part from Stewart’s 2013-14 Holiday Matching Grant.

Performances will be held Sunday, June 29; Monday, June 30; Tuesday, July 1; Wednesday, July 2; and Thursday, July 3, at 7 p.m.

Tickets, priced at $8 for adults and $5 for children, will be sold at the door, depending on availability.

For an enjoyable evening, step into the enchanted world of Broadway’s modern classic. For a “tale as old as time,” it’s Foothills Family Productions’ production of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.”

This Curtain Up was provided by Foothills Family Productions.