Many placed flags at veterans’ graves

The Gloversville Parade Committee, Robert Perrella, Harold Gordon, Kenny Rockwell, Ambrose Anderson, Linda Bullock, Deb Finkle, Kevin Jones, Todd Mercer, Tammy McCue, Karen Dwyer Smith, Linda Fisher, Joni Wilson, Brian Perrella and Mike Perrella, would like to sincerely thank the volunteers who placed 2,400 flags on veterans’ graves this spring.

The following are from the Gloversville Women’s Alumni Club: Chris Putnam, Joni Wilson, Judy Antonucci, Lana Ruggiero, Mary VanWicklin, Michelle Marrotta, Sue DeLilli and Sue Zambri.

Todd Mercer, Mike Perrella, Brian Perrella, James Schrader, David Perrella, Dillon Perrella, Katelyn Cozzolino and Rebecca Rumberger put many flags out honoring our veterans.

We placed flags at the following cemeteries: old and new Prospect Hill, Kingsborough, Knesseth Israel and Ferndale, with the exception of the veterans section. We keep records from year to year to maintain accuracy. We purchase U.S.-made flags with the generous donations from our community.

We would like to say thank you to the caretakers for making our job easier by taking excellent care of the properties.

If any grave sites were inadvertently missed, please contact any parade committee member and we will correct the situation.