War Dog Memorial goes to town

GLOVERSVILLE – Broadalbin resident David Anderson of American Legion Post 137 last year approached the Common Council because he wanted to do something to inform the public about the service dogs provide during war.

He proposed building a War Dog Memorial in the Veterans Memorial Park at the north end of Kingsboro Avenue.

On Tuesday, Anderson told city officials the lack of communication and urgency they provided resulted in him taking the memorial elsewhere.

“When I left here that night, I felt comfortable this was going to happen,” Anderson said.

However, he said in the coming weeks he was told he would have to get approval from the Common Council, the veterans committee that maintains the park and the Historic Preservation Review Board.

He said when he spoke to a city veterans committee member at the local American Legion, he was told it wouldn’t approve the project because he allegedly declined to use a specific company to make the memorial.

Anderson said in August the veterans committee in the town of Florida called because they heard about his idea and wanted him to attend their meeting to explain the project.

After the meeting, Anderson said, the committee informed him they would grant him instant approval if he would build the monument in their park.

“I thought, damn, that’s the way to do business and get things done,” Anderson said.

He said a week before Memorial Day, the War Dog Memorial was placed in the town of Florida.

Anderson previously said the monument would cost the city nothing because an anonymous donation was made to the American Legion.

He said Tuesday the donation came from him, but he didn’t want the credit.

“I just wanted people to know what happened,” Anderson said. “I’ve waited a year for a phone call.”

DPW Director Kevin Jones said he tried multiple times to reach Anderson at his home and left messages, but those calls were never returned.

First Ward Councilwoman Robin Wentworth said the council was waiting for more information.