Help needed to continue aiding kitties

We have been so blessed to be able to help cats and kittens in need. We have had four major emergency surgeries back to back. Most of those bills have been paid, but some still have balances. One owned kitty needed a ureteral redirect surgery due to traumatic injury. One cat in Fonda was hit by a car and needed X-rays and her leg stitched up. She was later adopted by her original rescuers. One owned kitty had a freak accident with a window falling on her leg. After failure with a splint, X-rays showed a complete fracture that needed major surgery. She is all healed up and doing great, but we still owe the veterinarian $300 on that bill. Another cat was born tangled with its siblings. One kitten died, and this kitten ended up losing its rear foot by strangulation. It was treated by a vet but never completely. So after it passed many hands, it came to a friend who brought it to me for evaluation. This poor 10-week-old kitten needed its leg amputated immediately or it would have died from septic infection. He too is recovering well, but we still owe that vet $242 as well as owing about $134 in funds taken from other places to get the surgery done.

On top of this we have about 30 cats and kittens that are healthy and need forever homes. We have six kittens that still need spay/neuter/shots and two mommas. Without the adoption fees, we cannot get all this done.

We are having a mini adoption event at Tractor Supply in Gloversville on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. where we will also take donations towards these bills.

We are also having a garage sale at 245 Bleecker St. in July. We will gladly take your donations of items to sell.

We are also doing transports for low-cost spay neuter. Contact us for information and appointments. The cost will be $60 for spay or neuter, rabies and distemper vaccines. Other services can be added for additional cost.

Friend me on Facebook and like our page, Gloversville Cat Sanctuaries and Information Center, or call 725-3514.

We help people help stray, feral and owned cats, but we certainly can’t do it alone.


President, Gloversville Cat Sanctuaries and Information Center