Thanks to teachers, staff

As the school year closes once again, I need to say thank you to the wonderful teachers, staff and administration at Mayfield Elementary School.

My daughter is in second grade this year, and I need to recognize her teacher, Mrs. Mary Swart. Mrs. Swart is an asset to the Mayfield Central School District. She goes above and beyond to get to know her students and identify each student’s needs. My daughter was fortunate to have her for two years. The first year she recognized that my daughter needed additional support in reading. In first grade, she got the extra assistance she needed, and in second grade, she is in a higher reading group. It is an awesome feeling as a parent to know during the day my daughter is in good hands.

Thank you so much, Mrs. Swart. My daughter has matured, prospered and grown because you have and will continue to be a part of her life. Thank you so much.