GHS senior class terrific

Unfortunately, a few foolish young people and one very troubled young man cast a pall over this year’s senior class at Gloversville High School. There may be an impulse to judge this class by their actions, but I urge anyone so inclined to counter that with some compassion.

I am so going to miss this group of seniors. I’ve never received so many invites to graduation parties, final journal entries overflowing with gratitude and personal thank-you notes. One of my girls came into my room at the end of the day recently, the last day of classes, to say goodbye, but she just broke down in tears and couldn’t get a word out.

That’s a humbling moment beyond measure.

I deeply regret, especially after the year I put so many of them through, I cannot attend their graduation this year as my own son is also graduating that day.

Even if I loved only one of them, I would be there and I love so many more than one.


English teacher at Gloversville High School