Repairs needed after storm

PERTH – Town officials are waiting on reports from the town’s insurer after hail earlier this month damaged the roof of two town buildings.

The town’s municipal building and the senior center were damaged during a severe hail storm May 22 that dropped hail roughly the size of golfballs across the town. The hail chipped off portions of vinyl siding from the municipal building, and damaged the roofs of both buildings.

Kreisel’s Home Improvement II has provided the town with an estimate for repairs to the two buildings. The cost could exceed $45,000.

Town officials have contacted New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal to pay for repairs.

Walter Kowalczyk, a town councilman, said he has been in touch with NYMIR representatives who assessed the damage. He said NYMIR was going to cover roughly $36,000 of the damage. Kowalczyk said they are currently negotiating the total amount.

According to an assessment by Kreisel’s, the damage will require both roofs to be replaced. The damaged siding on the east side of the municipal building and portions of its front will also need to be replaced.

Kowalczyk said the hail damaged the municipal building’s roof to the point that he is concerned rain could leak into the building.

Kowalczyk said shingles on the roof have been broken or knocked free, but the siding can wait until a later date to be replaced. He said the gutters for both buildings will also need to be replaced.

“We can get along, so long as we get the roof [fixed],” Kowalczyk said.

According to Kowalczyk, Kreisel’s estimates are just for their services and estimates could vary from contractor to contractor.

Kowalczyk said the town has asked their attorney, Carmel Greco, to find out if they need to put the repair work out to bid.

Documents from the state Comptroller’s Office said contracts for public work involving expenditures in excess of $35,000 are generally subject to competitive bidding under law. There are exceptions, such as for emergency purchases.

Kowalczyk said the roof repairs would be done as soon as possible.