Let Doheny show skills

In the GOP primary there are two key distinctions: experience and residency. Simple, simple. Matt Doheny grew up in Alexandria Bay, Jefferson County. I went to school with Matt’s mother, Kay, and knew all of Kay’s sisters and brothers. They were a hard-working family and lived through tough challenges like we all did back in the ’50s.

I admire Matt for doing so well with his life. He is a real businessman who specializes in turning around companies and creating jobs. If ever there was an area that needs a specialist in creating jobs, it is the North Country.

Now Matt has a wonderful family himself. Matt has the real-world experience that he can be proud of. Please listen up folks-Elise Stefanik grew up in Albany and has spent her short career working almost entirely as a political operative.

To me the choice is simple. Let’s give Doheny a chance and see if he can use his business skills to help bring jobs to the area.


Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County