Cast vote for Stefanik

I have come to realize when I speak with my friends, a lot of them are unaware that we have an important primary Tuesday. I felt a need to try to make as many people as possible aware we fellow Republicans need to cast our vote for Elise Stefanik on Tuesday.

Elise is a new, young candidate with fresh enthusiasm and fresh ideas that will help our area. She is advocating for simplifying the federal tax code and making it fairer for hard-working families. I have met this young lady and am impressed. I have had the opportunity to meet both candidates. Comparing her to her opponent, I especially like that she comes from a hard-working family, who have a small business they own. Elise worked for her family, very similar to when we ran the Manor House and our children worked for us, too.

Elise speaks the truth and she stands by it. She has solid Republican values that she and I both share. She wants less government; so do I. She wants to repeal Obamacare; I wish I could. She wants to protect our borders, and she also understands how important it is to lighten the regulations on small businesses.

I look around my own neighborhood and see empty houses. Someone like Elise will help build our economy so more people will want to work here, live here and stay here. We need young people with a vision of hard work, less taxes and the integrity that I respect, and I believe she will be a strong voice in Washington. We need Elise. Please cast your vote for Elise Stefanik on Tuesday; I know I will.