Stefanik showed knowledge at debate

I am a local supporter of Elise Stefanik, a candidate in the upcoming federal primary election for the 21st Congressional District. Because primaries in New York are not typically held in June, many people are not aware that it is coming up on Tuesday. More awareness should be out there. And more Republicans need to know how important this special primary is for us and Elise.

Elise Stefanik is an excellent candidate. Elise has been here in Fulton County, met with many small business owners numerous times, knows the issues and is running an honest, upbeat campaign. She recently squared off in a public debate with her opponent, and she clearly demonstrated the best knowledge of details on issues affecting our area of the state. Her opponent was weak on specifics and he mostly repeated general statements from his past campaigns. We need new leaders who are willing to work hard and connect with the residents they represent. Stefanik is the candidate in this race who will do that. Her debate performance showed that she is someone with strong beliefs and a strong presence. Her efforts so far show that if anyone can get things done in Washington, she can.

Her goals can be viewed on her website at Vote for Elise Stefanik this Tuesday, and this November.