Photographer to get ‘street view’ of cities

A “Google-trusted” photographer said he will be in Gloversville and Johnstown on Tuesday to take pictures of the Main Streets and commercial areas.

Photographer Adam Hilker said he will be taking photos on the sidewalks Tuesday. The photos will be used for the “street view” images available through Google, he said.

Hilker also said the images can be used for a new effort by Google called “Towns across America. A Virtual Area Guide.”

An example of a virtual guide already created for Cazenovia, Madison County, can be found by visiting

Photographs also can be taken inside businesses, if they are interested.

Hilker said businesses interested in interior pictures can sign up at

He said those interested in the “Inside View” must fill out the form. There is a fee based on the number of views the business wants, Hilker said.