Extreme tour to hit Gloversville

GLOVERSVILLE – The Extreme Tour, which promotes a positive lifestyle for youths, will be coming to the city this weekend.

The tour always starts with “the invasion,” which consists of tour organizers and bands canvassing the community to promote positive life choices and enticing residents to attend the event the following day. In the city’s case, the invasion will take place Saturday and the Extreme Tour event will be held Sunday at 4:30 p.m. at the Trail Station Park.

The band Driven will be one of about six artists playing a variety of music Sunday, said Dominick Cox, lead singer of Driven. There also will be a flatland best trick contest for anyone in the community that brings their own bicycle or skateboard.

“We are trying to reach the people that are out there at one in the morning, just getting in trouble,” Dominick Cox said. “We just go out on the streets and love on people. We want to help anyone that feels they don’t have anywhere to go or have people who care because if we can give them an outlet, they won’t make those poor decisions.”

The Extreme Tour is also making a stop at the Riverlink Park in Amsterdam on Friday. Both events are free.

According to the website, the tour uses extreme sports and music to reach out to the youth of the community with services and resources that would assist them in making positive and healthy decisions. While the Extreme Tour is a faith-based effort, according to the website, the events are not aimed at a religious market. Rather, the Extreme Tour events are extreme sports and music events aimed at a mainstream market.

Pastor Tim Cox, of the Love City Fellowship on Main Street, said his church has agreed to house those associated with the tour and feed them, both at the church and in their own homes.

“We love Gloversville and we love the people of Gloversville,” Pastor Cox – who is not related to Dominick – said. “If we are going to call ourselves Christians, then we should be living it out every day, not just on a two-hour time slot on Sunday.”

Dominick Cox, a resident of Broadalbin, said Driven has committed to play on the tour for the next four months.

When the band agreed to join the tour, Cox said, they were asked if they would like the tour to make a stop in a local community.

“The reason it got here is because they contacted Driven and wanted us to tour with them for the next four months,” he said. “Broadalbin was nice, but I thought the places in the most need would be Gloversville and Amsterdam.”