Doheny’s foes desperate

Republican Matt Doheny, who is running for Congress in our district in the primary Tuesday, must be a very strong conservative with the way he is being smeared in the glossies that are being sent out by an organization named American Crossroads. Having received three of these vicious smearings, one can gather the opponents of Matt Doheny are desperate.

Matt Doheny has a female Republican running against him in the primary for a seat in Congress. His opponent claims to be endorsed by the National Republican Party. This would seem to be true because of the way the Republican establishment in Washington has treated fellow Republicans in Washington who are conservative. Democrats, come hell or high water, always stick together whether in scandal or on issues. Republicans should learn from this, but never do.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has stated conservatives do not belong in New York state. With the many vicious attacks via the mail against Matt Doheny, it would appear that Matt Doheny is a conservative and the American Crossroads organization embraces Gov. Cuomo’s dislike for conservatives. How else do you explain dirty politics?