Candidate will work for us

Elise Stefanik is running for Congress in the 21st Congressional District. The primary election is Tuesday, and it is a key election for people in New York state. Stefanik will be a good representative.

Elise has been out visiting all the areas of upstate in the 21st Congressional District. She is familiar with the difficulties the current administration in Washington has brought upon rural New Yorkers and has the energy to get things done. Many residents and leaders all across the district have thrown their support her way. Eleven out of the 12 Republican committees in the district have endorsed her candidacy. That’s hundreds of informed Republican workers who have met Elise and believe she has the right ideas to help our region.

The federal government has ignored upstate New York over the years. We need someone who will actually work when they get to Washington, not someone who will join up with Wall Street financiers and high-priced consultants. Elise has identified support for veterans and the military as a priority. She is a strong supporter of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and will fight to bring fiscal responsibility back to national government.

Details of all Stefanik’s positions on key issues can be found at I endorse Elise Stefanik for Congress and urge all voters to look into her positions on the issues. The primary Tuesday is right around the corner.