Doheny understands district’s needs

With the early compressed election cycle this year, our Congressional primary is rapidly approaching on Tuesday.

The Republican voters in our 21st district are blessed to have two compelling individuals to choose from – the winner going on to face a far-left leaning Democrat from Brooklyn. Elise Stefanik is a young and rising star in our party, who supports many fine policies on economic and social issues.

However, Matt Doheny, an accomplished and successful business leader, is running again. Matt knows both his home North Country – and what it will take to assist local government back on a path to prosperity. Having made great contact across this vast 12-county district in his previous run for Congress, Matt has had a unique opportunity to listen to and observe our people, their lives and their concerns. Doheny has the life experience, the energy and problem-solving skill set needed to change the “business as usual” of Washington, D.C. Matt has bold ideas, including his plan to man a district office in every county to make sure the residents are heard – rather than simply wasting taxpayer funds on mailings that become re-election fluff pieces. As a small business owner, and the chairman of Hamilton County’s Economic Development Committee, I am excited at the prospect of Matt Doheny as our next Congressman. I enthusiastically endorse him – and the conservative values he will bring with him to represent us all in the people’s House.


Town supervisor, Lake Pleasant