Doheny a proven leader

I’m writing today about the Congressional GOP primary in the 21st District of New York.

I am the chief executive officer for Eastman Kodak Company, based in Rochester, N.Y.

Equally important, I’m also from upstate New York – Hamilton, where my parents still live.

I know the challenges of life in upstate New York and the issues that face congressional districts like the 21st.

I am also very familiar with the opportunities this region offers. Matt Doheny and I are on the board of Kodak together and we are working on the remarkable turnaround for one of the best-known companies in the world. I know firsthand the kind of business adviser Matt Doheny is; he is a key member of the Kodak board. He is a proven leader and excels in making companies successful. Kodak today is a technology company based right in upstate New York focused on imaging for business. With our world-class research and development, technology and patents, and our superior solutions, software and service, Kodak is helping customers around the world grow their business. Kodak is constantly improving its reliability, quality and customer satisfaction. We have also changed the culture in our company, looking at every project first from the perspective of the customer.

I recommend voting for Matt on Tuesday. From one upstate New Yorker to another: He is the right man for the job in Washington.


CEO, Eastman Kodak Company