Doheny offers solutions

I’m writing today about the Congressional primary in your district. I’ve been watching it unfold because it involves someone I’ve come to know quite well over the past three years: Matt Doheny.

In July 2011, I became the chief executive officer for YRC Worldwide. It is one of the largest trucking companies in North America, created out of a merger of two major businesses: Yellow and Roadway. We operate about 15,000 trucks daily.

Matt Doheny joined the company’s board of directors at the same time I was appointed as CEO. He had a reputation as the kind of businessman who excelled in taking distressed companies and making them profitable again, and was elected as one of our board members because of his expertise in this area.

With Matt aboard, YRC became a much more focused company-sticking closely to our core service of trucking in North America and providing excellent customer support. There were tough choices that needed to be made by all of us. We took everything nonessential and let it go-selling real estate, consolidating headquarters, leaving some joint ventures and winning union approval to drop low-traffic routes.

We’re also appreciative that our drivers, members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, just approved a five-year contract extension.

We have also improved service to our customers and are being more responsive to their unique challenges of shipping freight. And we’re changing the culture in our company, empowering employees to work directly with the customers.

It’s not hard to find politicians who claim they have a proven record of creating jobs or offer vague promises to buoy employment when elected.

Matt Doheny doesn’t offer rhetoric. He offers solutions. Matt has played a major role in helping save thousands of jobs at our company. That’s the kind of business expertise you should want working for you in Congress.