Orchard owner eyes growing water district

JOHNSTOWN – The Town Board will discuss forming or extending a water district after requests from a local orchard.

Todd Rogers, owner of Rogers Family Orchard, and Dan Isabella, owner of Dan’s Excavation Service, spoke with members of the board Monday about potentially bringing water service from the city of Johnstown to the orchard on County Highway 101.

The pair discussed extending water lines from the city to County Highway 101, along with allowing other people in the area access to the water.

The board decided it will hold a discussion about the idea for the water district at its July 14 meeting.

“[The city Water Department] said [the town] would have to form a water district before we could possibly get any city water out our way,” Rogers said.

As of now, Isabella said the city’s water lines end near LaGrange Road in the town.

“Todd is going to be starting a new business and everybody out there would like city water,” Isabella said.

Rogers said he plans on opening a bakery for the orchard, and his son has plans to open a cidery.

“It would be nice for him to be able to have the city water for his business,” Isabella said.

Isabella, who would handle the excavation work for the project, said he felt people would be interested in being part of a water district.

Town Board members said they want to hear from residents living where the water district would be located.

Rogers said he could call on people living in the area, but did not know how many it would be.

“That’s what we don’t know; how far we are going to run [the lines],” Rogers said.

Board member James Westover said if Rogers was willing to pay for the new lines himself, it would not matter if other people wanted to be a part of the district.