Coroner move wrong

On May 12, County Supervisor William Waldron offered resolution 29 adopting local law “A” of 2014 titled, “A local law changing the number of coroners to be elected from two to one.” He also offered resolution 30, creating the position of deputy coroner (part time).

Changing the number of elected corners from two to one is subject to permissive referendum. This means within 45 days after May 12, you can get a petition with the names of 1,500 registered Fulton County voters, so that you may vote on this.

This restructure of the coroner’s office, in my opinion, has the appearance of the PEP program – Power, Ego and Politics.

Appointing the second coroner will take away the voters’ right to vote for the position.

My 16 years of experience as a coroner tells me that the coroner’s office is, sadly, going in the wrong direction.

In a May 5 letter to the editor in The Leader-Herald, retired Fulton County Supervisor Richard Ottalagano refers to how voters can fight against loss of rights. He said, “We use a voter registration card and the vote.” He said, “Get voter registration forms and convince others to register to vote.”

I ask, how can you vote for a position that has been changed from elected to appointed?

The Leader-Herald Cheers and Jeers on May 24, talking about Memorial Day said, “Please remember whom we owe for the freedom and democratic way of life we enjoy in America.”

How many Americans gave their lives so we, among other freedoms, have the right to choose and vote?

The action of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors is disrespectful and just plain wrong.


Former Fulton County Coroner (16 years)