Stefanik’s knowledge a fit for position

Early last month, when she appeared at the Pine Tree Rifle Club and outlined her platform positions, I had the pleasure of meeting 21st Congressional District Republican candidate Elise Stefanik, a fresh, intelligent face on our political scene.

Ms. Stefanik stated her intention as a fiscal conservative is to use her influence when elected to fight for a balanced budget and promote governmental efficiency. Her well-reasoned arguments for repealing Obamacare, not to eliminate its good intentions but to replace it with less socialistic laws, giving the individual back control of his or her health insurance, were both realistic and logical. Of fundamental importance to the very continuance of our way of life, she is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.

On June 24, a Republican primary between Elise Stefanik and Matthew Doheny will determine which will be selected to represent the Republican Party in its quest to regain the 21st Congressional District seat. It is imperative that registered Republicans exercise their right (and responsibility) to vote in this important primary.

After all the recent tributes to our male and female veterans, as expressed on both Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of D-Day, how can one justify not exercising the voting right that so many service people have died to protect? Whenever I hear someone gripe about local, state or national political policies, mandates, or being afflicted by ineffective feel-good laws like the SAFE Act, my first response is, “Did you vote?” Too often the reply is no.

The need for a primary election, while an established procedure within our democratic process, infers the leaders of the political party involved couldn’t agree on one candidate, but this is completely untrue in this case. Ms. Stefanik is the party’s endorsed candidate, and although her opponent suggests her cumulative experiences in Washington politics make her a “political insider” and infers there is something diabolical and evil about this, I suggest exactly the opposite is true: Her already-established working knowledge of Washington and her proven abilities at employing bipartisanship to achieve goals make her the better “man” for the job.

Our right to select candidates through primary elections by voting is a cornerstone of the democratic process. Therefore, please exercise this right in support of Ms. Stefanik’s candidacy on June 24.


Perth town councilman