County flood damage being assessed

FONDA – A countywide State of Emergency will stay in effect in Montgomery County until early this week so road crews can assess the damage caused by flooding Friday.

Emergency Management Director Jeff Smith said crews are still looking at damage to culverts, ditches and roadways in the county after several days of heavy rain caused damage in the area, including a minor mudslide on McDonald Drive in Fort Johnson and several home evacuations in the county.

County officials will assess road conditions early this week before deciding to lift the State of Emergency, Smith said.

Five homes on Argersinger Road in the town of Root were evacuated, along with residents of one home on Noonan Road in the town of Amsterdam.

The State of Emergency was declared by county executive Matt Ossenfort at 9 p.m. on Friday.

There were signs of damage to roads in the town of Amsterdam, including damaged roadsides, standing water on lawns and debris in the roads Saturday afternoon. The Kayaderosseras Creek and Flitzpatrick Creek were both moving at a brisk pace Saturday as well.

The county closed part of Route 67, Argersinger Road, Brumley Road, Anderson Road, Currytown Road in the town of Root and Lusso Road and Borden Road in the town of Glen on Friday night due to heavy flooding in the area. Route 5 also experienced minor flooding. All the roads were reopened Saturday.

No injuries were reported due to the flooding in Montgomery County, Smith said.

The Fulton County sheriff’s office said there were no major issues in Fulton County caused by the rains.

Smith said residents of Argersinger Road were back at their homes Saturday cleaning up after the evacuation. He said residents were taking necessary precautions, including using masks and rubber gloves to protect themselves from possible mold.

Brian Jones’ home on Noonan Road was evacuated during the flooding. A section of Jones’ home near the porch washed out, he said.

Jones was at his home Saturday to survey the damage, which he described as minor.

He said there was some flooding in his cellar and damage to the foundation near his porch, but he considered himself lucky when he thinks about other disasters that have struck recently, including Hurricane Irene.

Jones said he is very thankful for the help he received from local fire departments, emergency crews and the Red Cross, which has given his family a hotel room and meal vouchers. He said members of local fire departments stopped by Saturday to see how he was doing.

Mary Alice Molgard of the Red Cross said the family was not able to return to the house because of the damage.

Smith said residents who are experiencing flooding in the future should always report incidents and should get out of their homes if it is safe to do so.

“It’s always tough to ask people to leave their homes,” Smith said.

Smith also advised drivers to never drive through flooded roads. He also advised people not to attempt to enter the water during a flood.

“Being in the water is very dangerous,” Smith said.

Meteorologist Luigi Meccariello with the Albany branch of the National Weather Service said 2.43 inches of rain fell in Fonda and 2.26 inches of rain fell in Amsterdam on Friday, with area rainfalls between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches.

Meccariello said today is expected to be sunny and dry, with highs in the 80s. He said there is a chance of thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday, with the possibility of another storm Wednesday, although the forecast is not finalized for that date.