County central plan considered

FONDA – Montgomery County will be introducing a new county wide plan that will bring together several different economic plans into one central document.

County Executive Matthew Ossenfort said the plan, titled Montgomery 2025, will combine aspects of county long term planning including a regional business plan, long-term financial, branding initiative, and development and marketing.

He said there were documents from many different departments and wanted to find a way to bring them together under one umbrella.

“We need to get everyone on the same page,” Ossenfort said.

During its May meeting the county legislature approved a measure to move funds to allow a transfer of $25,000 from a hospital and medical insurance line to pay for professional services. The vote was eight to one in favor with District 5 legislator Terry Bieniek voting no.

The resolution also included a list of plans to combine including: government efficiency plans, charter revision recommendations, comprehensive audit and long term financial plans, a capital project and a bridge improvement plan.

Ossenfort said the county will bring in a group from Utica to help draft the central plan, but no contracts have been signed at this point. He said he found the organization through the New York state Association of Counties.

“We want to get all the moving pieces into one place,” Ossenfort said.

Ossenfort said one thing that was clear to him when he began his term as county executive in January was that the county had a number of different plans in place about things like development and marketing, but that they were difficult to find and navigate.

“When I got here, tracking down all the information was difficult,” Ossenfort said.

He said creating a central plan by combining the existing plans eliminates the need to search through so many documents for specific information and it will eliminate overlap or contradictions in the county’s plans.

He said he wanted future area leaders to have easy access to information and to allow for more long term planning as opposed to year to year plans.

“Let’s bring it all together and have one document station,” Ossenfort said.

Ossenfort said he would like to see the central plan completed by June 2015.