Get rid of draconian law

If a family member dies and the family is in possession of any of the firearms and accessories that fall under the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, and they are not legally registered, violators are subject to seizure, fines and even jail time. According to the law, you are subject to a charge of criminal possession of an illegal firearm or accessories. A family member may want his or her firearms and accessories appraised to determine their value. Once executed, you can’t sell, dispose or transfer any of the firearms or accessories; they are considered “contraband” regardless of circumstances.

The SAFE Act was not established to provide an “amnesty” from prosecution for violations under the SAFE Act. Guess what? You’ll hear the system is working and crime is done. In a time of sorrow and grief for loved ones, who needs this extra burden?

The majority of family members just plain ignore such registration schemes, figuring they’re only a precursor to seizure. They may well be right. Law-abiding citizens are actually more likely to be jailed for filling out the wrong forms incorrectly rather than a scofflaw who stays “outside the system.”

Law enforcement and the media are sending the wrong message or no message at all. Support is needed to get rid of this draconian law. Failure in this endeavor is not an option.