Area softball players earn Foothills Council honors

Several area softball players were among those selected for the recently announced Foothills Council softball all-star team.

Johnstown’s Mallory Baldwin, Gloversville’s Emily Washburn, Broadalbin-Perth’s Rachel Orapello and Gloversville’s Katlyn Pierce all were named second team all-stars.

Briana Esposito, Meghan LeDoux and Ellen Praught earned honorable-mention status for Johnstown, which finished 2-14 overall and 2-12 in Foothills Council play.

Sam Stewart, Emily Towne and Jenny Vickery were named honorable mention for Gloversville, which finished 4-15 overall and 3-11 in Foothills play.

Nicole Traver, Keyana Fariello, Zoe Simonson earned honorable-mention status for B-P, which finished 1-15 overall and 1-13 in Foothills Council play.

Scotia-Glenville’s Jennifer Mayette was named the Foothills Council’s Most Valuable Player.

Mayette also was named a Foothills Council Section II all-star, along with Glens Falls’ Rachael Lashway, South Glens Falls’ Jill Ostrander and Hudson Falls’ Tanner Barton.

South Glens Falls had Emily Sharpe, Brooke Snyder and Tristen Scheidecker named first-team all-stars, while Scotia-Glenville was represented on the first team by Zoe Purvis, Ali Stuart and Lauren Melanson.

Also named to the first team were Queensbury’s Taylor Clarke and Katie Shevlin; Glens Falls’ Ruby Caprood; and Hudson Falls’ Geneva Strong.

South Glens Falls had Amber Bourdeau, Elyse Green and Teyler Nassivera named to the second team, while Glens Falls had Ali Battease and Kaili Jackson named second-team all-stars.

Also earning second-team honors were Queensbury’s Alyssa Sparacia, Hudson Falls’ Kate LaPan and Scotia-Glenville’s Samantha Montague

Queensbury had Rachel Molloy, Amy Zuccaro, Sarah O’Brien and Lindsey Ziegler named honorable mention, while Richele Bock, Meghan Linehan and Kate Bourdeau earned honorable-mention status for South Glens Falls.

Also named honorable mention were Glens Falls’ Jordan Pennock, Zoey Patten and Skylar Girard; and Scotia-Glenville’s Ashley O’Neil, Grace Purvis and Laila Day.

2014 Foothills Council Softball All-Stars

MVP: Jennifer Mayette (Scotia-Glenville)

Section II All-Stars

Rachael Lashway (Glens Falls), Tanner Barton (Hudson Falls), Jill Ostrander (South Glens Falls), Jennifer Mayette (Scotia-Glenville)

First Team

South Glens Falls: Emily Sharpe, Brooke Snyder, Tristen Scheidecker

Queensbury: Taylor Clarke, Katie Shevlin

Glens Falls: Ruby Caprood

Hudson Falls: Geneva Strong

Scotia-Glenville: Zoe Purvis, Ali Stuart, Lauren Melanson

Second Team

South Glens Falls: Amber Bourdeau, Elyse Green, Teyler Nassivera

Queensbury: Alyssa Sparacia

Glens Falls: Ali Battease, Kaili Jackson

Hudson Falls: Kate LaPan

Scotia-Glenville: Samantha Montague

Gloversville: Emily Washburn, Katlyn Pierce

Johnstown: Mallory Baldwin

Broadalbin-Perth: Rachel Orapello

Honorable Mention

Queensbury: Rachel Molloy, Amy Zuccaro, Sarah O’Brien, Lindsey ZIegler

South Glens Falls: RIchele Bock, Meghan Linehan, Kate Bourdeau

Glens Falls: Jordan Pennock, Zoey Patten, Skylar Girard

Johnstown: Briana Esposito, Meghan LeDoux, Ellen Praught

Scotia-Glenville: Ashley O’Neil, Grace Purvis, Laila Day

Broadalbin-Perth: Nicole Traver, Keyana Fariello, Zoe Simonson

Gloversville: Sam Stewart, Emily Towne, Jenny Vickery