Choose wisely on June 24

On June 24, members of the Republican Party in the 21st Congressional District will have a choice of whether to vote for Elise Stefanik or Matt Doheny to represent them in the November election for congressman.

I am expecting that Stefanik will win due to the rather large infusion of money to her war chest coming from New York City and Washington, D.C., political action committees headed by Republican billionaire Paul Singer and Karl Rove, respectively. In my opinion, both of these men, who are self-proclaimed conservatives, are really progressives and pro-big government, not unlike the liberal progressives presently in office.

I read with interest Jon Stead’s letter to the editor published Monday. It appears he has a direct line to Stefanik, while my emails to her dated Feb. 6, Feb. 20 and May 18 have gone unanswered. I wonder if Mr. Stead would volunteer to be a go-between for the voters in the 21st congressional district to get answers to questions they may have for Ms. Stefanik.

On June 24, please choose wisely.