School: Vandals cut down trees

GLOVERSVILLE – Students and staff making their way into Gloversville High School this morning came upon a shocking scene: Small trees that lined the front of the building were cut down by vandals overnight.

“We had 17 trees cut down here this morning,” high school Principal Richard DeMallie said. “They were on the front lawn.”

Gloversville police were investigating the incident this morning.

Some of the trees cut down were memorials to the deceased and gifts to the district by previous graduating classes, school district spokesman Craig Clark said.

School ground crews loaded the trees this morning to dispose of them.

“Any information the community can provide to help apprehend the individual or individuals responsible would be greatly appreciated,” Clark said. “These were all great assets to the district.”

DeMallie said it was still too early to tell how much it would cost to replace the trees.

He said he couldn’t speculate whether the incident might be related to any type of senior prank.

The incident was the second time this week the school has been vandalized.

Athletic Director Michael DeMagistris said this morning that on Wednesday, the district found out a football field goal post was destroyed Tuesday night.

“It snapped off at the neck of the upright,” he said. “It seems to me that somebody was standing and jumping or maybe more than one person was jumping and it snapped. Those are steel goal posts, and fortunately, no one was injured that we know of, but it’s an unfortunate situation.”

He said the district will be unable to replace the post because the cost would be about $7,500 to $12,000.

“You have to buy field goal posts in a set,” DeMagistris said. “You can’t buy just one, and we aren’t going to buy a set of field goal posts.”

He said the field goal post was found on an athletic field between the high school and middle school.

The field is used for practices for the modified football program.

“Obviously, if we can catch who did it, I would like to see restitution paid to fix the uprights,” he said. “It’s a valuable piece to our modified program.”

Police Capt. John Sira said the investigation is ongoing and the department may have more information about the vandalism later today.