Sheriff’s Office warns of scam

FONDA – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is advising residents to be aware of a scam involving a fake police and sheriff crime tips report.

According to a news release, the scam involves people receiving a phone call claiming the caller is collecting money for advertisements in the “Police & Sheriff Tips Report.” The caller also claims the money is used for the police agencies in the local area.

However, the release said, the publication is fake and the money does not go to local police.

If someone accepts the scammer’s request, police said the victim is sent a package via FedEx or UPS, which will be cash-on-delivery. If the victim accepts the package, he or she will be required to write a check for $150 to the Report in Simi Valley, Calif.

Deputies are advising people who receive a phone call that sounds like this scam to hang up. People should only deal with organizations they know, the release said.