Couple charged in suicide attempt

GLOVERSVILLE – A city couple were arrested Monday on allegations they did nothing to help a 17-year-old boy the day he tried to commit suicide.

Raina Bailey, 43, and Kenney Balfour, 45, both of 14 W. Eighth Ave., were each charged with first-degree reckless endangerment, a felony.

Police said the suicide attempt occurred March 23 when the teen overdosed on prescription medications.

Police said Bailey and Balfour were made aware of the overdose by a friend of the victim and were in the same residence as the victim at the time of the incident.

Empty pill bottles and a suicide note were in the boy’s room, police said.

Police said the victim was vomiting and non-responsive, but Bailey and Balfour made no attempt to get help. The two allowed the victim to lie in bed overnight, police said.

The next day, March 24, police said, a friend found the boy unresponsive and told Bailey and Balfour to call 911.

The 17-year-old was taken to Nathan Littauer Hospital and was in critical condition, police said. He was transported to Albany Medical Center Hospital.

At Albany Medical Center, he was treated and remained at the hospital until mid-April recovering from the incident, police said.

Detective Sgt. Mike Jory said the teen has since recovered and has no permanent damage from the incident.

“It was pretty touch and go in the beginning,” Jory said. “He is doing much better.”

Jory said Bailey wouldn’t cooperate with police during several interview attempts and Balfour said he didn’t call for help March 23 because he believed the medication the boy ingested already was out of his system.

Jory said the teen is related to Bailey, and Balfour is in a relationship with the teen’s mother.

Police said Balfour and Bailey were charged Monday and arraigned before City Court Judge Traci DiMezza.

They were sent to the Fulton County Jail. Bailey’s bail was set at $500 cash or $1,000 bond. Balfour’s bail was set at $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond, police said.

However, City Court Judge Traci DiMezza reduced Balfour’s bail during a subsequent court appearance to $250 after accepting the defense’s argument the 17-year-old “was not his kid,” police said.

“Bail is only there to assure reappearance,” Jory said. “Our problem with the fact is whether it’s a nephew, cousin, uncle or a stranger, if you see someone that overdosed, regardless if he is your flesh and blood, you should call.”

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